sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016

2 years, nine months and 5 days

That's the time off I've taken. So many things have happened during this time, I found a new job, I quitted, find a new one, travel, moved to other country, turned 30 years old and finally returned home.
Fortunately, when I chose a date to start ttc, I knew there were some things that I was going to do, and that's why I choosed 2018.
When december is finished, I will start my TTC countdown from 12 and I need to solve some things. My main concerns are:
>Which hospital I will chose to have my baby and as a consequence
>Will I use private treatment or the subsidate one?
>Tell my family about my plans (my close friends know about it and support me)
>Save money, because I know that I will spend more than what I have planned
>Open my academy, not related with TTC but Its something I want to do before having babies
Now that I'm starting my TTC for real I will start blogging more often. I wish I can find some of my new blogger friends again :)

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Iris dijo...

Glad to see you're back. It sounds like we are both on a similar schedule for TTC. Looking forward to your updates!

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