miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

New house and other news

Finally I moved on my own place. I really like it and I´m decorating it which is something I love to do.
Now is easy to have the house clean because it´s just me. I can cook just once a day and be in pyjamas  all day if I want :)
Living alone is not how I imagine, sometimes is a bit boring and lonely. At the moment I don´t have any pets, my dog stayed on my parents house but I´m not sure if I will adopt a pet yet. I have new plans, and those plans involve babies.
Well a lot of things had changed in my country since I started blogging; abortion is legal now, homosexual couples can get married and single woman can have IUI :D. I´m really happy about this! I can go into an IUI cicle whenever I want, and I decide to try next cycle.
I know that this may seem a crazy idea but theres only 15% chance that I get pregnant, and I really want to try. My period first day was on the 1st may now I´m waiting for the IUI. I´m a little nervous but the results will be great...one day :)
I will update how i´m doing, now I just have to wait.

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