miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

I´m the worst blogger ever, I accept that. I haven´t  post anything in five 


Why? because I had nothing to say. The IUI  I have in may didn´t work... 

I felt really sad and didn´t want to write because I knew I was going to cry.

Now I think I´m ready for a new try this month. I have been saving  money 

since May, not only for an IUI 

but also for the baby.

Who knows, maybe this time it works, but if not, I promise I´ll update it

 immediately, not five month later!

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

New house and other news

Finally I moved on my own place. I really like it and I´m decorating it which is something I love to do.
Now is easy to have the house clean because it´s just me. I can cook just once a day and be in pyjamas  all day if I want :)
Living alone is not how I imagine, sometimes is a bit boring and lonely. At the moment I don´t have any pets, my dog stayed on my parents house but I´m not sure if I will adopt a pet yet. I have new plans, and those plans involve babies.
Well a lot of things had changed in my country since I started blogging; abortion is legal now, homosexual couples can get married and single woman can have IUI :D. I´m really happy about this! I can go into an IUI cicle whenever I want, and I decide to try next cycle.
I know that this may seem a crazy idea but theres only 15% chance that I get pregnant, and I really want to try. My period first day was on the 1st may now I´m waiting for the IUI. I´m a little nervous but the results will be great...one day :)
I will update how i´m doing, now I just have to wait.

jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013


My life has changed so much in the last three month that it's hard to believe.
In january after lots of visits to doctors blood works and other studies I was diagnosed with celiac disease, which is an intolerance to some proteins (gluten) find in cereals like wheat, barley, rye and  oat. That means I can´t eat the 80% of the things I used to...

People feel sorry for me but I  think it´s no so bad. It´s just a change in the way I eat and now I´m eating helthier than before, no procesed food, no wheat (it makes me fat) etc. Since I change my diet feel a lot better, and probably this can explain  my irreguar cycles, anemia and inmuno deficiency. I hope to be better soon.

The great new to the end! I´m moving to my new house next month!!! And I´m really happy!!! I found a little house which has everything I need; two bedrooms, livingroom,  garage,  backyard and a huge kitchen! Things were not as I planned (I was waiting to be pick for an apartment) but I think my soon-to-be house is much better than an apartment.

I´ll Try to update the blog more often... Sorry I´m a bit lazy to post!

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