miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

My future house part 2

In part 1 I said I found two of the government housing programs that may fit me,  the one I explained a couple of month ago (Plan 1),  and a new program which pretends to sell apartments that the government own (plan 2).

I like more the the last one, but they are both good. The reason why I like plan 2 is probably because when I was younger I used to live in one of this apartments.  They are preowned but in good conditions, It´s only five minutesfrom the beach the neighborhood is really nice and is the same I live in now, so if I buy one of this apt. I´ll be close to my parent´s house. 

The only bad thing about plan 2 is that a lot of people wants to be part of it but there are not enough apt to everyone, so they do a raffle (not sure if this is the right word). I almost have the money they ask for the house (only a part of the total price, I will pay the rest in 25 years!) so I hope to take part in the next raffle. If I´m lucky enough I´ll have my own apt by january :D 

Here are some pics. They are not mine, I found them on the internet but is just to show how my future house will be.

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