miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Babies & responsibilities.

Last month my cousin had a new baby, a beautiful girl. We are all really happy because she's the first baby girl in the family. When she was born, I stayed during the first night at hospital with her and hers mom. I couldn´t sleep but I felt privileged to be there. I learned basic things about newborn babies that I didn´t know which is a good thing, but I also notice somo bad things.

While my cousin was still pregnant, she showed me all the baby stuff she had. I was amazed because she had a lot of things. However a few days after I saw the baby stuff my aunt told me that she didn´t had all the things she need, so we organised a baby shower. 

When she was born as I stayed with them I realized that she didn't have enough clothes. All the new clothes were big for her and she only had two one-piece outfits that fit her and a couple of leggings. I felt so sad for her!!! I told my mom that I was sad because of that and she told me that is hard to find the perfect size clothes for newborns.
Yesterday I went to visit her because she was ill (flu). It was heartbreaking seeing that beautiful baby that bad dressed and ill. She had really old clothes....

I feel sorry for her, but I´m angry at the same time because she was a planned baby and her parents are not providing her the basic things. Don't get me wrong, I would put used clothes to my baby if they were in a good condition, but the ones she was wearing wasn't. I´m angry because she has to be her parents priority, and she´s not. Last week her dad pay more than 50 dollars to go to a football match. He could had bought a nice outfit for his girl but he didn´t. 

It´s not the first time I see this. When they had their first baby they didn´t buy a thing for he. The difference was that they were unemployed by then so we felt we had to help them. But now They are being so irresponsible that they I feel they don't deserve help. I am wrong????

I don't understand why people do this kind of things!

martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

1593 - weekly update

I wanted to post yesterday, but I have to wake up early today (at 5 am) so I went to sleep early. This is supposed to be my weekly update about my house proyect.

I´m not sure if I wrote about this before, so I´m doing it now. I opened a bank account. It´s an special account to save money for house. I knew as soon as I learned about it, that  I had to have one. How does it work? You need a minimum amount of money to open it (about $500). Then you can deposit every month a minimum amout which is about  $100. If you deposit every month for 18 months then the bank  gives you up to 90% of the money that you need to the house. Then you pay to the bank a month mortgage (not sure if it´s the correct word...)

A pro of this is that you don't have to deposit every month, if one month you can't nothing bad happens. Plus you can deposit the amount you can. There are some others details but it´s pretty simple, and it´s a safe way to save because it´s a statal bank. My parents bought their house in a similar way with the same bank, and they had a positive experience. In fact I know many people who also bought their house with this bank and no one of them had bad experiences. So I guess this is the way I´m going to buy my house. 

I have some other news to share, but I'm tired now so I´m going to post my weekly update part 2 tomorrow with all that news!!

martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Cycle ????

I´m not sure what´s happening with my body,  It have been crazy lately. I used to be health and my period was perfectly regular, but that changed.

I will have my gyn visit next month and so far I had a 18 days long period, a perfect  33 days long cycle, a 29 days long period with 10 days of follicular phase, and now 31 days long one.
I´m not sure if I ovulate or not this cycle... Anyway I have it registred and i´m going to show it to de new gyn.

When I was at college I had a microbiology teacher who told us to act like scientist when we or someone in our family is ill. She said that "not all doctors are Dr. House" so we have to use our knowledge.  She was right, specially in this  (my) country where doctors don´t always want to do their job.

Next time I go to de gyn I won´t be a passive patient, I´m going to show that doctor I´m not silly!

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012


I have a goal and I'm obsessed with it.

I want a house, my own house.

A place where I can rise my kid/s

I set a date: On my 30th birthday I ´ll will have my own house. It´s my priority.

How I´m going to save enough? That´s an answer I give right now

I have 1602 days until my 30th birthday

1602 days to save enough to buy a house.

Just to put some presure I´m going to update how I´m doing.

Wish me luck! It´s going to be hard...

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

I'm leaving

After a long conversation with one of my friends I decided I should leave one of my jobs. It´s not easy but I can´t continue like this. I´m really tired and don´t want to get ill. Maybe the problem I had with my cycle is because I work so hard.

I started to look for a new job. If possible a well paid one, or at least one where I work few hours. I surf  the web every day looking for  something I could do, but I live in South America so there are no opportunities for us. It´s sad...

If you have any ideas about howto make money online I would love to hear about it.

 I'll be looking for a decent job until I find it!

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

It's not working...

I have been working so hard this past two weeks, I have two different jobs so it's really hard. I don´t have time for my, I can´t watch movies, can´t read, can´t go out, can´t read blogs etc. I´m not happy with this situation, but I know I need to work hard if I want to earn more money to have my own place. Well it´s not working...

I used to think that if I found a new job my earnings would be higher and I could save for  house. I was wrong. It´s sad what I´m going to say and maybe you won´t believe me, but now I´m working almost 12 hours a day and I don´t even get 600 dollars a month. How I`m suppose to buy a 100000 dollars house if I only earn 500 dolars a month???

I´m really upset. I have a college degree and I almost finish  a master degree  and don´t find a decent job. Some days I just hate this country and its government. It´s stupid how low salaries are and it´s even more stupid the percentage of discount people have in their salaries. 

I know I have to think about alternatives, but I don´t really know what to do. I  wish I was born somewhere else, where at least if  I work hard I could get opportunities, which won´t happen here.

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