martes, 10 de abril de 2012

Cycle mess up

I used to have 33 days long cycles, But the last three ones have been a mess. In january I had my period on the 22th, then 18 days later it come again on february 9th. After this unusual cycle I went to the gyn and he told me it was perfectly normal. 

I'm not stupid, I know it´s not normal. I'm a scientist (I don´t now if I said that before), not a specialist in fertility, but when I was at college I had to study everything about menstrual cycles; hormone levels, period length, etc. But as I said I'm not a specialist so I went home and  wait to see what happened.  The gyn said that my next period should be a 33 day long normal period, and it was! For a couple of weeks I thought that period was normal, but  today I realized it wasn´t. 

I was on day 29 today, and everything was normal until an hour ago. I had a strong pain in my tummy and when I went to the bathroom My period was there! 
I have been using an internet chart for a while because I lost my old temp charts (thats one of the reasons I hate my computer). According to this chart I ovulate on fiday 30th, on cd18. Today is my day cycle 1, so I had a 10 days luteal fase. THAT'S NOT NORMAL!!!

I haven´t been lucky with doctors, I always get the worst ones. That makes me sad, not only because I don´t get the help I need but also because of their actitude. In my country you don´t have to pay to go to college, and our doctors are really good and earn a lot of money. Health services are free to everyone, you won´t pay almost anything (some meds maybe if they are not availabe). So, why do they have this f**ing actitude????? They will always take advantage of pacients, they will try to work as little as posible and what makes me angry they won´t pay attention to you when you say that something is wrong with your body.

I know my body better than anyone. I have been charting my temperature since I was 18 (I'm 25 now) So believe me I  know if something is not right. I'm going to wait one more cycle and then I'll go to the gyn again. I won´t stop until someone attend me in a proper way.

Here's a pic of my last temp chart (in spanish :s)

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