viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

Different path

Since I started thinking about being a smc I knew that IUI or IFV was going to be my way. Adoption never was on my list, not because I wouldn't like to adopt, but because I was not allowed as a single mother to adopt any child. Since I started the blog this changed. New adoption law was made and now single woman, man and gay couples can adopt. This change aimed to rise the number of adoptions, but apparently people here still preffers white babies, so any child that is mixed, asian or black and over 2 yeras old is unlikely that will be adoppted.
I discovered this about two months ago, and since then I can't stop thinking about it. There are too many things to consider, but the whole procces is free, so I won't  lose money if I can't addopt, but there's always the emotional part...
What can go wrong? well actually a co worker told me a story about a teacher she kneew. She did all as she was supposed to, but was told by a social workrt that she should go and find a man to have babies insted of trying to adopt... My coworker didn't know if that teache end up adopting or gave up, but what they told her was just awful.
I will give adoption a try, I'll explain later why I want to try and how is the proccess. I  will schedule my first adoption interview in January so I have about 4 month to prepare myself.

sábado, 22 de abril de 2017


Until February I used to have normal periods, but since then weird things have been happening, like bleeding in cd 10, so last week I made an appointment with a new gynecologist. At first I was just going to do at routine check up, but after a conversation with a co/worker I decided to talk about my future plans.
I am 30 years and 6 month olds now so tecnically I should still have some good eggs, but I had my first period when I was just 10... I don't know if that can affect my fertility but I prefer to make sure I can save some eggs. 
I have a new health insurance and so far, I love it. They have a fertiliy specialist that is like 15 minutes from my house and won't be a problem to visit her.  My plan now is to save some eggs now so that in two years I can have my own babies... 
I hope that the bleeding episode won't be problem... wish me luck

domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

I'm in peace

In october I turned 30, I look like 22 but I have already lived 3 decades. Even if It feels good when peopl says that I look younger, I know that I'm not and I want to do  what all grown up people do. At thi point, most of my friends are married or living with their partners. I've been thinking about my status, why I am still single? I have dated, I have loved, then why I am still alone?
For some time these questions tortured me, is it about being pretty, or smart or what is it? Then one day I met a guy and forgot about eveything. At first I didn't want to get too much ivolved with him, but just couldn't. He was all I ever wished, smart, hardworked, he valued family more than anything, and I thought he loved me. We spent together some months and I was really happy during that time. Then one day a friend of mine told me that a friend of hers was talking with him through an online dating site. He said to her, that she was single, had no girlfriend or kids, was looking for a good woman to spend life with and that she was so beautiful and he wanted to met her.
At first It was hard to believe for me, I decided not to tell him instantly but I wanted to check if that was true. What I did was to ask him  if he thought I was a bad person but he never asked. When he talked back again he said we couldn't meet anymore. I knew it was because of the other girl, but didn't say anything. After week we met and as I knew I wasn't going to be able to speak much I wrote him a letter, telling him how I felt about him, how happy I was when we were together and how he was all I ever wanted. I wanted to hear his version about the events, yet all he said  was that he told me that because he was too stressed. Never said a word about the other girl, neither did I. He wanted to kept our relationship, but I said goodbye. I told him I hope he finds a beautiful woman as he wanted, wished all the best and leave.
I cried all my way home and spend all night thinking. Next morning I woke up knowing tha I'm happy being alone. That day I decided I was not looking for a guy anymore, if someone is made for me, he will appear at some point. Meanwhile, I will continue my life and I will do all that makes me happy including having a baby on my own.

sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016

2 years, nine months and 5 days

That's the time off I've taken. So many things have happened during this time, I found a new job, I quitted, find a new one, travel, moved to other country, turned 30 years old and finally returned home.
Fortunately, when I chose a date to start ttc, I knew there were some things that I was going to do, and that's why I choosed 2018.
When december is finished, I will start my TTC countdown from 12 and I need to solve some things. My main concerns are:
>Which hospital I will chose to have my baby and as a consequence
>Will I use private treatment or the subsidate one?
>Tell my family about my plans (my close friends know about it and support me)
>Save money, because I know that I will spend more than what I have planned
>Open my academy, not related with TTC but Its something I want to do before having babies
Now that I'm starting my TTC for real I will start blogging more often. I wish I can find some of my new blogger friends again :)

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

No baby, no house, no job

I didn´t got pregnant on my last try and that´s not going to happen soon.
I lost my job on january, now I´m back in my mom´s house and mine is rented...
It was the only way I could keep the house.
 I´m not happy at all but I´ll work hard to find a new job and go on with my baby plans

miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

I´m the worst blogger ever, I accept that. I haven´t  post anything in five 


Why? because I had nothing to say. The IUI  I have in may didn´t work... 

I felt really sad and didn´t want to write because I knew I was going to cry.

Now I think I´m ready for a new try this month. I have been saving  money 

since May, not only for an IUI 

but also for the baby.

Who knows, maybe this time it works, but if not, I promise I´ll update it

 immediately, not five month later!

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

New house and other news

Finally I moved on my own place. I really like it and I´m decorating it which is something I love to do.
Now is easy to have the house clean because it´s just me. I can cook just once a day and be in pyjamas  all day if I want :)
Living alone is not how I imagine, sometimes is a bit boring and lonely. At the moment I don´t have any pets, my dog stayed on my parents house but I´m not sure if I will adopt a pet yet. I have new plans, and those plans involve babies.
Well a lot of things had changed in my country since I started blogging; abortion is legal now, homosexual couples can get married and single woman can have IUI :D. I´m really happy about this! I can go into an IUI cicle whenever I want, and I decide to try next cycle.
I know that this may seem a crazy idea but theres only 15% chance that I get pregnant, and I really want to try. My period first day was on the 1st may now I´m waiting for the IUI. I´m a little nervous but the results will be day :)
I will update how i´m doing, now I just have to wait.

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